Short stories honored by Ellie Award

Annual award given to a publication and three examples of short fiction by the American Society of Magazine Editors, recognizing a year of publishing excellence in fiction.

Listing 13 stories.

All the boys on a street in Nigeria are killed in slow succession by a perplexing and inescapable fever. The family of one boy struggles to find a way to save him from his fate.

Against a backdrop of modern-day city life, a new Islamic mother navigates the complexities of her love life, as she cheats on her fiancée-then-husband with another man, who ends up being the father of her children. She admits to loving both men, and struggles to balance her family life with the need to be with her true love.

The impact of an absent father emerges in the gruesome stories of a young daughter as her alcoholic mother listens and reflects on the struggles of raising her alone.

A self-hating self-help celebrity prepares to levy a shocking accusation against her ex-boyfriend.

A lonely young boy finds faith through the teachings of a radical new Pastor. The only question is: is he truly a Pastor or merely an imposter?

In a poor, rural town, a mother worries about her adult son ever since he moved in with a girl whose family has a no-good reputation.

A woman frantically prepares for an open house, but things go awry as revelations about her past marriages and identity arise.

An undocumented teenaged live-in helper and an eccentric elderly painter form an unlikely relationship in the southern U.S. borderlands.

A disagreement between a cavern tour guide and his "hippie" dance-instructor wife over whether to risk growing weed in order to scrape by ends with him living alone in an RV behind his friend's house, spiraling into alcoholism.

A white American man and a Chinese-American woman visit the woman's family in China. After the woman's cousin compares the woman's Chinese to a toddler's, she stops speaking English and decides she wants to stay in China for awhile before returning, to reconnect with her family and her place of birth. Upon returning to the United States alone, the man, initially disinterested and unmotivated, begins to learn Chinese.