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In a dystopian near-future, a trans woman is captured and imprisoned in a facility designed to transfer the consciousness of trans people into cis bodies that match their gender assigned incorrectly at birth. Then, she discovers a former childhood friend works there as a manager.

A Los Angeles speech pathologist is assigned to the case of a presumably mentally-ill woman who speaks in gibberish that turns out to be Old English. When the woman disappears, deciphering her mysterious writing leads the pathologist to wonder if she has stumbled across a time traveler.

In a world where death is a foreign past to the privileged people who live on their technologically-advanced home in space, the Satellite, a television representative travels to Earth to make a deal with a village chief who is dying from cancer. In exchange for broadcasting the immersive experience of the chief's death, the television representative will provide the chief with technology to help his village better survive in the ruined wasteland that the Earth has become.

While teaching a student his practice, an ailing Buddhist monk reflects on his life and his violent relationship with his family.

A doctor and a nun are on a train that makes a stop near a work camp where a Mexican laborer will die unless he receives emergency surgery from the unlikely duo.