Short stories tagged with Illusion

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When a young boy witnesses an odd event from the window of his small-town house, he begins to doubt the stability of the world around him.

A Jewish illusionist gains the favor of the masses with his original tricks. When other magicians arrive on the scene, he must take his talents to their highest potential to compete.

A man burdened to live in the past due to his memory condition seeks to avenge his wife by killing her murderer.

A woman allows her grandchildren's road trip games in the Canadian backcountry. Distracted by her own nostalgia, she unwittingly takes them to a strange, unfamiliar house.

A King receives refuses to listen to claims from his barons and other powerful members of his kingdom that his thirty-three daughters are wicked, for they are clever and outspoken, and they work hard to elevate the status of women and the poor, acts which the barons find threatening. When the barons kidnap all thirty-three daughters, the kind but dimwitted king must figure out how to rescue them.