Short stories in the genre Suspense

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In a future where death is volunteered and the population is controlled, a soon-to-be father waits for his triplets to be born—and he must find three volunteers to die in order for them to live.

An African-American doctor has successfully developed a new technology to cure several diseases and cancers, but in the face of a recent health crisis, others are finding more risky solutions that put the doctor and entire racial groups in grave danger. When the doctor is soon attacked and abducted, a stranger embarks on a dangerous mission to save her.

In a hyper-surveillance state set in the near future, a female military cyborg wrestles with extreme PTSD and guilt after unintentionally murdering young civilians on a mission abroad. After hearing a recording of the deaths, she realizes her "accident" isn't what it appeared to be, and takes justice into her own hands.

An experienced sound girl takes a chance on an up-and-coming boy band and falls in love with the handsome, womanizing lead singer in the process.

A paranoid old woman makes a disturbing discovery that intensifies her fears about being the victim of a crime.

After struggling to appeal to their state governor, a dysfunctional family anxiously awaits the public execution of a relative. As they wait at home new of the execution, tensions and strife erupt in a dispute over the relative's innocence.

A secret agent evades torture in a cliff hanger mystery.

When a salesman runs out of gas on a road in rural Pennsylvania, he is suddenly shot at by a farmer who thinks he is in a war.

A mother invites a former employee to join her on a boat ride where everything takes a turn for the worse.

Eager to get his children to stop fighting, a father tells them a story about dragons and kings; things take a disappointing turn when the children realize that their father doesn't know the end of his own story.