Short stories in the genre Southern Literature

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After her husband's unexpected death, a white widow becomes a recluse, spending all of her time in her unruly garden. One day, over come by rage, she feels compelled to harm the Black boy who works in her garden.

Attempting to make a fortune off of growing and curing tobacco in the South, a white man hires a Black couple to harvest the crops. When he hires another white man who disrespects the Black couple even less, he must begrudgingly intervene.

A money-loving-seven-year-old travels to his grandpa's house with his family, only to unknowingly become involved in the crooked business of his uncle.

When a steely and fiercely independent woman opens her heart to a bizarre visitor, it uplifts their entire Southern town, until their relationship falls prey to another man’s revenge.

When a couple go south to acquire an abandoned grape vineyard, and old man shares a cautionary tale about the vineyard’s past ties with voodoo magic and slavery.

A distant cousin comes to stay with a married couple in Nashville. As boys from her hometown come out to haunt her, she starts to lose control and a Shakespearean twist unfolds.