Short stories in the genre Science-Fiction Story

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On a train in 20th century London, a middle-aged stranger tells a man about a series of strangely realistic dreams he had depicting a horrific world war that he could have prevented.

In a dystopian world, Ginny Sweethips' traveling roadshow profits off of sex, tacos, and drugs has a run-in with aggressive men who ask who for more than Ginny's affection.

A story is on trial for falsely claiming to be science fiction in a satirical 1940’s London courtroom.

In the near future, two men—a quiet, rule-following biologist and a swashbuckling engineer—are tasked with a decades-long mission to colonize a planet outside the Solar System. But in the spaceship’s close quarters, tensions bubble up until one man decides he is going to kill the other.

The narrator, an adult Black man, needs to make a quick buck and decides to go into mole removal for a shady contractor. Instead of an in-and-out job, it becomes a lot more complicated when secrets and ulterior motives are revealed.

The Runner's Ball is an annual event in which the Runners of the city would attend in peace. No weapons of any kind are allowed to ensure peace. However, Erin's past comes with a vengeance when her friend-turned-enemy comes to the ball ready for her blood.

Ben learns that one of his followers was hurt while cleaning up pollution in the River. Unfortunately, the boy is contaminated by some waste and Ben needs the help of the lovely Ife and her water-healing abilities to help him.

While a reserved woman is traveling alone, she is accused by passengers in an airport that she is behind the disturbing happenings which are occurring that evening.