Short stories in the genre Psychological Thriller

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A man who firmly believes he does not love the woman he felt obligated to marry begins to realize the gravity of losing her after she ventures into the woods one stormy evening.

An autistic, selectively mute eight-year-old boy befriends a girl who secretly murders neighborhood pets. He becomes the accomplice to her sociopathic crimes, in the hopes that she can somehow lead him back to his dead twin brother.

When two thieves, Karsten and Nils, attempt to rob a town, one is shot and the other is forced to face more than the loss of a friend.

A crotchety old woman gets off at the wrong bus stop and, to her dismay, is stuck in a town she's never heard of with strangers whose behavior is bizarre and disconcerting.

On the way home from an unexpected outing, a young auto-mechanic accidentally hits a little girl — he keeps driving. No one knows he did this, but from then on he must grapple with his own guilt and the girl's mother.

A series of journal entries based in the far future mark a middle-aged female scientist’s descent into Adamancy: a disordered obsession with diamantine structures on Neptune that, when melted, allow for instantaneous travel through space. The diaries, alongside reportage on the creation of “the Melee,” or teleportation technology from these diamonds, tell the story of the scientist’s entrapment by her colleague— and her attempted escape.

A violent boat captain struggles to transfer his animal cargo from Louisiana to Mississippi. His greatest obstacle to his waterborne journey and his absolute sworn enemy? Water lilies.

Stranded on a ominous island and taken in by a lavishly rich gentleman, a celebrated hunter finally gets a taste of what it's like to be the prey.

A woman reflects on what happened when her downstairs neighbor, an older Korean man, suffers from a seizure at their shared patio.