Short stories in the genre Political Satire

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A young man travels across a country in the midst of a race war that grows larger as different identity-based groups join the fight, until the sudden end of the conflict brings further confusion and strife.

A police luncheon is attended by a bum criminal who claims to be an ex-member of the rotary club. Though no one believes him, they allow him to attend and find themselves engrossed in a religiously charged political stunt.

When a Soviet state official attempts to coerce a celebrated poet into apologizing for a political joke he made, the official gets a taste of his own predatory medicine at the hand of the poet's vengeful wife.

In communist Ukraine, a canning engineer reports a heating problem in his apartment to his local city hall—only to learn that his building doesn’t exist in the city registry. He takes drastic measures to restore heating to his apartment.

A Jewish communist quit working at an editorial bureau where his co-workers are bothered by his leftist ideology because of his boss' praises of him.

A nameless person, implied to be Donald Trump, reflects on how he has everything he wants but no artistic ability. He has heard that the most famous dictators of the world were all failed artists, and compares that to his own sense of shame at his lack of artistic talent.

A diverse array of passengers and crew aboard a 777 commercial airplane are on their way to Boston when the pilot informs everyone of a presumable military attack in Guam.