Short stories in the genre Memoir.

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In the Old West, after witnessing an elderly Chinese prospector win a fight against a couple of outlaws, a young girl forms a deep bond with him, learns that he may be a god in disguise, and must defend him when he is called to trial over his treatment of the outlaws.

In Miami, a Yiddish writer meets a multimillionaire who tells him tales of sex and survival during the Holocaust.

A writer chronicles his history of depression and critiques society's attitudes toward the mentally ill.

A woman shares her unpublished account of leading an all-woman expedition to the South Pole from Chile years before the first expedition arrived in 1912.

Through conversations with his great-great aunt, a man learns the history of a formerly enslaved family matriarch. His brother’s recent arrest gains new meaning as he learns more about his ancestors.

After an esteemed professor of anthropology writes a memoir detailing her family's experience during the Holocaust, an elderly woman reaches out, insisting that she is the professor's long-lost cousin.