Short stories in the genre Melodramatic Romance

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A man who unknowingly talks to himself wonders why a woman who is satisfied with her marriage is having an affair with him.

In a contemporary rural American town, a psychopathic 60-year-old man strikes up a deceitful relationship with his young female neighbor.

A blissfully naïve young couple hopes to avoid the fate of the husband's unhappy parents, but as his jealous mother, children, and resentments come between them, the young couple falls into the same pitfalls.

When the girl he loves leaves him after a misunderstanding, a boy is picked on by one of his neighbors and fantasizes about winning his love back by beating his foe.

A piano player recounts the various women he fell devastatingly in love with, breaking his heart and making the city in which he lives unbearable.

A miserable man writes a letter to his adulterous ex-wife, reviewing the signs he missed of her infidelity and the various lovers she took to eventually escape her marriage with a new husband.

A wife leaves her husband in order to ensure his ultimate salvation after they are rejected from the Christian church for their polygamist marriage.