Short stories in the genre Erotica

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A girl witnesses her loyal childhood servant succumb to the demands of her sister's abusive husband.

A woman living and fishing in the mangroves of Southeast Asia finds a wounded mermaid with a face almost identical to her own. She attempts to rescue and protect the mermaid from her ex-lover, a merchant who is seeking mermaids to cut off their tails for a profit. Despite her intense attraction and total submission to the powerful merchant woman, the fisherwoman finds herself going to desperate measures to keep the mermaid from her inevitable suffering at the hands of the woman she once loved.

A maid obsessed who emulates God through hard work must offer acts of contrition to her employer, who erotically punishes her daily when she fails to achieve perfection in her work.

A man in LA meets a younger man online who reminds him of his ex. After a wild night, the two go home together and the man discovers a love for dominating his submissive partner.

With elaborate descriptions of the body, a husband muses about his relationship with his delicate wife. Reflecting on their good and bad days, the husband oscillates between worrying about their future and feeling passionate love.

Several men become involved in a suspicious gambling ring where secret messages are being anonymously sent out about the race's winners. When one of the men suspects another of cheating, he sends someone to kill him, but the hitman struggles to complete the job as he becomes distracted by drugs and various women.

A man in a failing marriage embarks on yet another love affair with a married woman, teaching him about his own sexual escapist tendencies.

When a man watches an obscure French art film to kill time, he doesn't expect its characters to exactly resemble his life. Its gruesome ending leaves him shaken and determined to get his hands on a copy and watch it again.

A trans dominatrix has a sexual encounter with a client in the dressing room of a night club. The unexpected pleasure of the encounter leaves her feeling as if they've seen the reality of one another's loneliness.

A dominant person and their submissive wife enjoy a kinky sex life together.