Short stories in the genre Afro Punk

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In a reality where the civil war ended in a stalemate, a brilliant enslaved engineer and a freed former airship pilot fight to prevent the rebels from destroying the new country that African Americans were able to form.

A black woman has learned to use the police force's human-eating dragons against them by feeding them collard greens.

An African American man from the twentieth century goes back in time to prevent his town from being destroyed by a mob of violent whites.

A woman with a prosthetic heart has the ability to suck evil people's souls out and send them to hell. When her and her partner are treated, the woman must and her partner with insect parts spliced into her face and the power to suck souls dispose of a powerful man’s attempt to capture and use them for his own gain.

A woman who is a seamstress by day and spider by night commits a fatal error and subsequently discovers a malicious group who plans to kill again.

When a mysterious object threatens to kill the ocean ecosystem, the headmistress of a women's university in Africa and her students must traverse the waters to find the mad scientist responsible for putting it there.

A group of experienced lion hunters from a nation renowned for the craft is slaughtered after being sent after a mechanical prey.

Two Black pilots who are best friends travel through a wormhole in order to find a new planet for the diaspora and end up discovering a space colony that threatens to permanently shatter their relationship.

A gifted scientist from Earth is sent to a primitive alien planet against her will to jumpstart their technological revolution, but her improvements to the city attract the attention of a violent enemy faction.

A man takes his little cousin out for her first trip into dangerous territory, only for her to get sucked into danger following an accident.