Short stories tagged with Wealth And Class

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When a young, Irish girl travels to stay with extended family due to her immediate family's financial struggles, she begins to feel more at home in her new, temporary life.

In a poor, rural town, a mother worries about her adult son ever since he moved in with a girl whose family has a no-good reputation.

In an fantastical Russia, a flower shop owner thinks he recognizes a strange woman on the street—and almost loses everything trying to remember who she is.

After her 10-year-old brother dies from AIDS, an adolescent girl's family moves to a less affluent neighborhood in Florida due to their extensive medical bills. When the girl babysits her new neighbors, two young Black girls, she reckons with subtle questions around race, wealth, class, and grief.

A couple of old folks retired in a North Carolina countryside have their idyllic lives interrupted by unwelcome guests from the bottom of the hill—two lower class men who are looking to take what they feel is rightly theirs.