Short stories tagged with Familial Conflict

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An elderly Native American woman grieves the loss of her three children to war and cultural oppression and must come to terms with her husband's complicity and proximity to the white man.

Despite his wife's pleas for him to behave at the annual family reunion, a man finds himself engaging in hand-to-hand combat with his brother-in-law after a few drinks.

With the final wish of his bedridden grandmother being for him to marry a woman of his parents' choosing, a Chinese man finds himself entering an arranged marriage—despite already having a wife.

In the late 20th century, an aging couple's daughter returns to live with her parents in an attempt to flee her failing marriage. While the mother easily slips back into her maternal role, the arthritic father struggles to empathize with his youngest child, and, in his increasing frustration, commits an unforgivable act that isolates him from his family.

A young Japanese girl befriends a Filipino man hired by her parents. Together, they discuss life and religion—until sudden misfortune strikes.