Short stories in the genre Unconventional Love Story

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When a heartbroken court doctor is banished to a remote village in the Middle East, he gets summoned to help a hermit couple with an unusual medical procedure.

The child of two American expatriates in modern Zambia walks through a party, discovering the secret life that servants lead when she isn’t looking.

In an alternative past where each human can access the minds of all other people at all times, a car crash causes one man to lose connection, and he becomes infatuated with the feeling of having a singular mind.

In a high tech, futuristic dystopian world where people's consciousnesses can inhabit the bodies of others, a poor young woman falls ill and her brother--who she has never met--appears to pay her hospital bills. But as the class-related injustice and intense authoritarian power of the government slowly reveals itself, a far sadder and twisted narrative comes to light.