Short stories in the genre Noir.

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On a present-day Native American reservation, a tribal judge investigates the robbery of an elderly man’s stolen fiddle. In the process, they uncover the fiddle's mythical origin story.

In an attempt to make up for his mob affiliated father's sins, a young veteran joins the police force, only to battle mafia presence within for force as well.

Two American operatives are ordered by a high-profile client to remove a dangerous and conspicuous weapon from beneath a woman’s living room in Belfast, Ireland.

A wannabe filmmaker at a dead-end job discovers a shocking clue to the decades-long disappearance of a Hollywood starlet. He takes matters into his own hands to solve the mystery.

A jaded private investigator gets hired by a powerful movie producer to locate his kidnapped wife, but the more he learns about the case, the more he begins to suspect that things aren't what they seem.