Short stories in the genre Memoir-Like Fiction

Listing 8 stories.

An eighteen-year-old kid's life is forever changed one night in New York City when he meets a legendary musician.

In a small town, a resident watches as the people and place change. He recounts eight seemingly disparate stories, but the town connects them all.

A train conductor serves his community faithfully for fifty years and wins the hearts of the people along his track.

A woman recalls her sexual relationships when she was a teenager in a boarding school, noticing her regression from a passionate and energetic to a cynical and emotionally drained lover.

A five year old child to a new home in a sandy region near miners and must navigate the seemingly random changes and curious characters she meets along the way.

A former theater worker recalls touring Ireland during a politically tumultuous time and an experience that turned him vegetarian.

A Stanford undergraduate student in the 1950s attempts to make friends and work out his professional goals. His academic and life path become drastically altered when his Hungarian roommate falls into depression.

A man at a family gathering reminisces on his early adulthood and his time spent with a larger-than-life cousin.