Short stories in the genre Contemporary Literary

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A woman investigates her brother's suspicious death in Antarctica and dwells on his wife's mysterious disappearance years ago.

An elderly couple's battle for control over the decoration and organization of their house drives them apart.

In a lab nicknamed "Spiderhead," experiments involving mind-altering drugs are run on convicted murderers. After he sleeps with two female prisoners, a male prisoner is forced to decide which woman he would like to give a pain-inducing drug.

A poor, 9-year-old, Black boy travels with a church camp to visit a house in a wealthy, white neighborhood with a pool to play in and lots of food. When the group's usual host is out of town and the van takes them to a Black woman's house instead, the boy begins to learn lessons about race and class that he does not yet fully understand.

An undocumented teenaged live-in helper and an eccentric elderly painter form an unlikely relationship in the southern U.S. borderlands.

When a mother takes her children to buy a puppy from another mother, she finds an unsettling household and a child chained like a dog in the backyard. Through their alternating narratives, both mothers reflect on what it means to love your children.

An Indian-American immigrant recalls his life's journey, which goes from Calcutta to Boston. In Boston he rented a room from a strange old woman and fell in love with his wife long after their arranged marriage.

After losing a fight, a professional wrestler navigates loss, guilt, and self-worth and explores his love-hate relationship with fighting.