Short stories in the genre Comedic Horror

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In the distant future, when the ocean has risen up to consume nearly all of humanity, a surviving woman watches her descendants grow less and less human and morph into alien-like creatures. She recounts her memories of the flood as she ascends a mountain to see her children, who have been left there to adapt into their new bodies.

A rocket engineer is married to a rocket pilot and the two are attempting to accomplish the first moon landing, however, when the pilot's radio goes dead while on the moon, a hasty rescue mission must be started to save him before he dies of starvation, if he isn't already dead.

Two experimentalist filmmakers put out an open call for footage for their newest project and receive a video of a performance art-esque suicide. Initially, they are fascinated by the video, unable to determine its meaning or methods of production. Their attempts to understand it quickly end up becoming a Pandora's box as the man from the video continues to haunt the two friends, the people around them, and the film industry at large.

A team of female scientists excavate an ancient burial site located off of Lake Superior. Uncovering inhuman remains, they begin to question if the human bones were simply decorations for the tombs of something far more sinister.

Two boys spend a day at their unbearably mundane small town's fair. When the boys suddenly decide to leave the town for good, several obstacles, including supernatural occurrences, get in their way.

An incestuous family leaves for vacation and ends up in the heart of the Olympic National Forest. Here, their traumatized daughter begins searching for the real world equivalent of the void she mentally escapes to during the sexual abuse she endures from her father.

A couple aboard their pleasure yacht on the Amazon River begins to experience the strangest sense of déjà vu, noticing from the quality of the food and their memories of previous days on the ship that their actions seem to repeat.

A woman moves into a new housing development at the insistence of her married lover but finds herself bitter and unhappy with the life she is living. Things begin to fall apart after the death of her lover's son, leaving her alone to face the consequences of her immoral love affair and an ancient curse.