Short stories in the genre American Historical Fiction

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Willie Proudfit sits on his front porch one night and reminisces on his time living a wild and rowdy life out West on the plains, side by side with Native people. After a near-death experience, he comes to recognize the importance of settling down in a place you can call home, with the people you love.

The Chief of the Chickasaw tribe brings his nephew to the United States capitol to be judged by a reimagined Jacksonian era President after the mysterious death of a white man on Chickasaw property. The rest of his people follow to witness the trial, and the President quickly becomes overwhelmed and avoidant of the droves of indigenous peoples he looks down upon, and goes to great lengths to clear them from the capitol.

A married couple tries to make ends meet for their hungry and sick children in the midst of the Depression but soon realize that sheer willpower cannot save them from the ruthless winter.

In a rural Southern town, a reverend must decide whether he should baptize a man who murdered and abused his ex-wives in order to save a woman and her family from financial instability and uncertainty.

A family in the North tends to a gravely injured Southern soldier in the midst of the Civil War.