Short stories in the genre Afrofuturism

Afrofuturism categorizes stories that incorporate the history and cultures of the African diaspora in conjuction with futuristic elements, usually represented by advanced technology and science, and seeing how blackness influences these elements

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In the near future, two Black musicians receive body modifications that give them the ability to live underwater. But their new life is threatened when violent white supremacists begin to terrorize their community.

In the near future, nanotechnology emerges that can give Black Americans the ability to live underwater in their own colonies, even as violent white supremacists work to terrorize these communities.

Years after the success of slave revolts in Louisiana and Haiti, a teenage girl learns the secret of a monster hidden in her mother's bedroom.

A young girl in a futuristic village in Africa challenges the gender roles of her people's culture, much to the frustration of the village's central authoritative figure, a male witch doctor.

Two Black pilots who are best friends travel through a wormhole in order to find a new planet for the diaspora and end up discovering a space colony that threatens to permanently shatter their relationship.

A homeless Black man and the transgender woman whom he loves receive messages from ancient African gods that change the course of both their lives completely.