Short stories tagged with Wildlife

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During a cruise to Antarctica, Maud becomes suspicious of her husband Peter's flirtatious behavior with other women.

A female sheepherder enjoys her predictable summers on the mountain accompanied by only animals, but her life takes a turn when a dog-human hybrid falls from the sky.

A young woman is angered from beyond the grave when her family's greed denies her a proper burial, resulting in her becoming a vengeful spirit rather than moving on to the next stage of the afterlife.

An Orangutan is taken from his home in Malaysia and taught how to speak by a possibly mad professor, then accidentally commits a murder during a botched robbery.

A boy finds a mysterious caterpillar-like creature in the forest one day. He brings it home and kills it to add to his wildlife collection, but becomes haunted by creatures he can no longer control.

A middle-aged woman embarks on a brief psychological quest into the jungles of India to look for her husband, who has not returned from a hunting trip late at night.

A middle-aged female protagonist with a violent past sets up trail cameras in the ravine behind her house to monitor the wildlife and her menacing neighbor. When the cameras start to malfunction, she learns there are more dangerous forces at work in the neighborhood.