Short stories tagged with Bitterness.

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A bitter divorcee and distant father having an affair with a younger, married woman gets a call that his son has gotten into trouble at boarding school. He travels to the school, where the headmaster says his son, who beat up another student, must transfer. In a series of events that makes him increasingly bitter, he ends up making his son's girlfriend cry in a restaurant.

A lesbian woman living far from home becomes combative and hostile when a man she thought was her friend passes judgment on her family and choice to become a mother. At the same time, her partner pushes her to understand that it is still possible to live a happy life with their daughter, even while homophobia lingers in many of their interactions with others.

A motherless young girl sent to boarding school by her single father is rattled by two women who begin to appear in her life in strange ways.

If two sisters are born to a family, they will be competitive for life.