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A writer gives an account of his friend Dr. Tokai, a kind and sophisticated plastic surgeon who died after his first real heartbreak.

An advertising model befriends an older man. After she returns from Algeria, her new boyfriend reveals an unsettling hobby to the man that continues to haunt him long after the model’s mysterious disappearance.

Consumed by the memory of his larger-than-life roommate who recently passed away from AIDS, a grieving man working at an art gallery reflects on life.

After a young woman is diagnosed with a grosteque sickness with no known cure, she desperately tries remedies to get better, but slowly loses control over her own life in the process.

A housewife violently assaults an unsuspecting intruder with mental images of torture.

After a man sees his ex-wife with another man on the street, he follows her home and his rage overtakes him, making him do something he regrets.

A heartbroken man remembers his ex-lover while reading about the dramatic end to the relationship between two famous poets and listening to his favorite musician.