Short stories in the genre Small Town Fiction

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After her husband's unexpected death, a white widow becomes a recluse, spending all of her time in her unruly garden. One day, over come by rage, she feels compelled to harm the Black boy who works in her garden.

A former stableboy set to marry the wealthy daughter of the proprietress defies his future-wife's wishes to turn him into a gentleman and returns to his horses.

On the 4th of July, a small Texas diner receives new customers from all over the nation. One family arrives to the small town in search for an old war buddy, Bill, who offered the husband a job, but the townspeople insist that Bill's work is not accepting any new workers.

In an East Ohio town, a middle-aged man checks into a hotel and explores the various characters, events and surroundings that define small town life.

A marble gambling machine becomes a huge hit in front of a hotel of a small town and becomes more than just a place for competition and earning money. The infamous machine, The Crusader, becomes the place where new friendships are built and love is explored.

When a customer visits a pudding store during the Christmas season, he learns of an older man who only samples the flavors and never buys anything. The customer tries to act charitably when he meets the older man.