Short stories in the genre Modern Fairytale

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Half-human, half-swan, a young boy ridiculed by his community tries to find a way to become whole again.

Asked by his therapist to tell a fable, a man recounts his unenchanting life as a lawyer married to a depressed, drug-abusing woman, with a disabled son he's struggling to raise. By filling his unremarkable story with sorceresses, magic, and true love, he attempts to romanticize a life he's desperate to escape.

Fed up with her creepy, controlling stepfather, a teenage girl goes against his rules and meets up with her old boyfriend. The pair stumble upon a dangerous secret that puts them both in grave danger.

A dwarfish wizard learns how to spin straw into gold to help the miller's daughter out of the kindness of his heart. But then he realizes her situation might be the way to get what he's always wanted—a child.

A princess prophecied to bring about the downfall of her father, the king, must endure years of hardship and risk everything to be with her one true love.

In a world where some individuals can access the memories of everyday objects, a man works as a cleaner who scrubs away painful memories stored in people's belongings.

After a string of girls from a prominent high school are found brutally murdered, two undercover cops have to work to dismantle the school's ironclad hierarchy and uncover the killer.

The three wicked mothers of Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Snow White team up to regain their confidence and exact revenge on the daughters who betrayed them.