Short stories honored by Hugo Retro Award for Best Novelette

Listing 8 stories.

An intergalactic space war leads to a gladiator-like fight between a human and a spherical alien. They fight to the death, and whoever wins prevents the annihilation of their race.

An outer space fugitive on the run stops to help an old friend and becomes involved in a revolution. A fugitive pilot from Earth helps his found family escape persecution from the Coalition and gets involved in a revolution taking place on another planet.

In a distant future where movies are made across the solar system, a filmmaker encounters several obstacles before making a groundbreaking discovery.

Two American astronomers work to understand why fixed stars are moving at impossible rates, only to find that a corrupt and wealthy inventor is behind the entire phenomenon.

A half-robot man must save Earth from his race of beings, or lose everything he loves.

In a futuristic world, a company tasks an alcoholic scientist to create a device that will surpass the work of its competitors. However, the homemade robot the scientist built while drunk threatens his chances of getting the job done.

Earth is colonizing the people of Venus, and a Venusian royal protects an Earth general as he concludes his imperialist takeover on the planet. In the face of an even worse enemy, she is able to bring the two sides together to save the planet.

An old traveler with a gushing wound in his chest finds himself amongst a pack of mystical wolf women.