Short stories by Ray Cluley


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A female doctor mourns the loss of her past lover during a hazardous skydiving expedition.

In the post-apocalyptic United States, a handful of survivors fend off demons desperate to feed on human flesh.

A young woman discovers a nest of massive eggs, and she soon encounters the mother.

A white settler of the American West recounts the violence he and other white men committed against a Native American family, which results in ghostly hauntings and eventually his own death.

A man is forced to witness the brutality of nature during a trip to Africa to film content for a documentary. When his coworkers begin treating the only woman on their team like prey, he must grapple with his own understanding of animal vs. human nature.

After an amateur documentary crew films a pack of African wild dogs on a hunt, the crew members grow increasingly savage and beastlike towards their young female coworker.

A year after his wife's murder by a mysterious man the couple met at an inn in Wales, the widower returns to the inn to memorialize his wife, only to find himself continuing the destructive cycle instigated by his wife’s murderer.