Short stories tagged with Tragic Accident

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An Italian-American family begins to crumble apart after experiencing several tragic accidents, but the father tries desperately to stay strong and remains optimistic that everyone will one day be together again.

An older woman in a small town visits the scene of a recent car accident that took the life of a high school girl on her granddaughter's softball team. She is reminded of her own daughter's passing over twenty years ago. Now, the woman and her family confront their past, while the grieving softball team prepares for their upcoming tournament.

A teenage girl's older sister dies tragically in a car crash—but when the girl wakes the next day, she has gone back in time to the morning before her sister dies.

A lonely, grieving man attends a divorce party and ruminates on the state of his life and affairs. He becomes inspired by a beautiful pet tortoise and finally finds the emotional release that he has been seeking since he suffered a tragic loss for which he blames himself.