Short stories tagged with Self Defense

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After a man shoots a masked burglar who breaks into his home and pulls a gun on him, he is left to cope with the guilt of having taken a life.

When an anti-Semitic teenager attacks a Jewish boy, war breaks out between the teenage boy factions of 1980s Long Island.

In the early-twentieth-century South, a black teenager discovers she has a magical power. But when race and gender-related violence violate her existence, she must decide whether to use her power to protect the people she loves or to harm the people who hate.

Fresh out of rehab, a recovering addict goes to live with his brother in Detroit who he hasn't seen in six years. He begins working at his brother's obstetrical clinic, where he encounters pro-life protesters that will stop at nothing to get what they want.

In rural Virginia, a teenage boy takes a huge bag of money from a wrecked car, believing the driver to be dead. However, the boy later learns the driver survived and disappeared into the woods and is, in fact, his father--a bank-robber who abandoned his mother before he was born--when the sheriff comes to warn him and his mother that they might be in danger.