Short stories tagged with Reflective Ending

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A Laotian six-year-old, whose parents can't read English, struggles in school.

A man receives a call in the middle of the night and learns that his ex-girlfriend has committed suicide. He spirals into reflection about the woman and their relationship.

A young boy and his mother from small-town Indiana travel to Mudlavia, a mystical natural health spa that reveals more than it heals. The boy works to make sure his mother doesn't fall into the trap of a mysterious patient.

After an assistant professor mistakes an endangered albatross for a duck and kills it, she reevaluates how she perceives others and how others perceive her as the assumptions she makes about others threaten her job and her marriage.

After a plague wipes out mankind, talking fifty-year-old dogs roam the world aimlessly, unsure of what to do without their best friends.

During the last year of his life, after decades of estrangement due to a drug addiction and an escape from their home in Ohio, a brother reaches out to his long-lost sister.