Short stories tagged with Melancholia

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A depressed academic uses a robot endowed with AI to help recover from her illness while simultaneously remembering the story of Alan Turing.

When a melancholic blues singer gets his big break, he discovers that his success as a musician is mutually exclusive with his happiness as a human being.

In 1920s Kentucky, the death of his wife leaves a farmer sorrowful and overwhelmed by his two young boys, leaving it up to his brother and parents to step in.

An elderly woman in a senior living community spends most of her time alone. As she waits for her daughters to visit, she quells her loneliness by having dinner with her neighbor.

On the day of the 2016 presidential election, a Chinese American woman with schizophrenia begins consultations to receive electroconvulsive therapy, and is haunted by the hanging of a Chinese American female classmate from high school years ago.