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Shortly after an Indian P.h.D. student is arrested for hiring a prostitute, he is released from prison and develops feelings for a P.h.D student working in the library, all while attempting to differentiate between love and desire.

After her coworker and summer fling heads back to college in the fall, a high school senior looks to her eccentric grandmother for relationship advice, which gets her farther than she expected.

A young girl goes to stay with her uncle and aunt, where she learns that there may be more to their marriage than it initially seems.

An overweight teenage girl stumbles upon a mermaid and thinks her dreams of taking mermaid lessons have come true. But when her hypercritical mother takes her mermaid tail away, the girl has to decide whether to accept her restrictive life, or try something new.

A woman who was assaulted finds out she is pregnant with her rapist’s baby, and she and her husband grapple with the implications of her decision to keep it.

A soldier is mistakenly informed of his estranged mother's death, and though he is aware of the mistake, he chooses to take the opportunity to mend his relationship with her.