Short stories in the genre Mother Daughter Fiction

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As a mother waits for a call from her child, she reflects upon how her daughter fell into the trap of marriage.

Following the death of her mother, a daughter recalls her mother gossiping about a small family in the Ottowa valley where a man shamelessly robs two sisters of their inheritance through marriage.

A Black teenage mother wants to visit her daughter's father, but she struggles to get her family to help watch the baby at home.

A working-class mother has held only one hope for her entire life: that one day, her daughter would marry well and wealthy, and take care of her in her old age. When her daughter reveals that the man she loves is not wealthy, her mother's dreams of rest are dashed and divided.

When 17-year-old girl becomes pregnant, she has no choice but to hide her pregnancy. As she grows older, she realizes she must unburden herself of the secret, or hide it for the rest of her life.