Short stories in the genre Dramedy

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A lonely man in his forties imagines a domestic life with a woman he briefly met who is interested in his furniture, but not his marriage proposal.

A couple with a rocky marriage argues over fetching a newspaper, which becomes a catalyst for their impending divorce. When they unexpectedly reunite over a decade later, the former couple witnesses how their lives disparately transformed thanks to the fateful newspaper.

A father struggles to connect with his twelve-year-old daughter who is plagued by self-doubt and isolation, enraptured by social media, and debilitated by tendonitis. Despite her detachment, his daughter may be the only one who can save him from his post-election disillusionment with the country's failures.

The Chief of the Chickasaw tribe brings his nephew to the United States capitol to be judged by a reimagined Jacksonian era President after the mysterious death of a white man on Chickasaw property. The rest of his people follow to witness the trial, and the President quickly becomes overwhelmed and avoidant of the droves of indigenous peoples he looks down upon, and goes to great lengths to clear them from the capitol.

A former felon takes on the responsibility of resolving a failed weapons deal to save his brother's life. With his associations in organized crime and the FBI, he attempts to make things right once and for all by involving both groups in an unexpected master scheme.