Short stories in the genre Domestic Drama

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A woman leaves her island home to serve at a créche on the mainland in a poor area of the city. There, she falls in love with one of the children she cares for and wants him as her own, but his mother commits a crime that puts the boy out of reach.

A divorced mother watches her son unravel with shame while on a visit home from school as he reveals that an older, married woman has expressed sexual interest in him. The mother wavers between whether to intervene, or to sit back and let him handle the consequences of his actions.

In a small mountain town, a man waits anxiously while his wife goes into labor. As her screams grow more desperate, he wonders if his wife--and baby--will survive the ordeal.

A depressed woman drives her friends and therapist crazy, going ceaselessly on about the childhood trauma she incurred during her parents’ divorce settlings.

A wife and mother in contemporary Los Angeles revisits a secret, sensual moment of her past when she comes across an unusually friendly stranger in the mall.

A middle-aged baby nurse goes from case to case, coping with feelings of paternal grief as she "loses" the children she works with. A middle-aged baby nurse takes on a new patient, but the price she must for the joy of a new baby is dealing with the unpleasantness of the baby's family.