Short stories by Leane Zugsmith

Leane Zugsmith spent most of her childhood in Atlantic CityNew Jersey. Her formal education consisted of a year each at Goucher College, the University of Pennsylvania, and Columbia University. She lived in New York until her death, except for a year in Europe and some months in Hollywood, where she worked as a screenwriter for the Goldwyn studio. She has also worked as a copy editor for pulp magazines like Detective Stories and Western Story Magazine and written advertising copy. In the early 1940s, after marrying a newspaperman, she was a special feature writer on the staff of the New York newspaper P.M.

Listing 3 stories.

A young girl helps her father search for her little sister who was kidnapped by her mother.

A tired mother works to maintain her family life while dealing with her spiteful husband who just got fired from his job and is willing to go on strike to get his position back.

A mother saves up to buy an expensive gift for her absent son, hoping he will come home soon - but a chance conversation with strangers on the train forces her to come to terms with the reality that she may never see him again.