Short stories by Elizabeth Spencer

Elizabeth Spencer (July 19, 1921 – December 22, 2019)[1] was an American writer. Spencer's first novel, Fire in the Morning, was published in 1948.[2]She wrote a total of nine novels, seven collections of short stories, a memoir (Landscapes of the Heart, 1998), and a play (For Lease or Sale, 1989). Her novella The Light in the Piazza (1960) was adapted for the screen in 1962 and transformed into a Broadway musical of the same name in 2005. She was a five-time recipient of the O. Henry Award for short fiction.[3]

Listing 3 stories.

A woman who cares for her ill mother falls in love with a successful man from her hometown, but cannot marry him until her mother’s death.

A teenage girl is swept into the wealthy side of her coastal town by her new boyfriend, but soon finds that she longs for adventure and freedom outside of his superficial social scene.

A professor's wife, who has only ever worked to advance her husband's career, explores her autonomy outside of her marriage in the mid-20th century.