Short stories by Curtis Sittenfeld

Curtis Sittenfeld is the bestselling author of the novels Prep, The Man of My Dreams, American Wife, and Sisterland, which have been translated into twenty-five languages. Her nonfiction has been published widely, including in The New York Times, The Atlantic, Time, and Glamour, and broadcast on public radio's This American Life. A native of Cincinnati, she currently lives with her family in St. Louis.

Listing 6 stories.

In contemporary Missouri, a newly single gender studies professor gets to know her Trump-supporter shuttle driver, and the last thing she imagines is hooking up with him.

A successful musician tells her children about surviving a bully in college, then searches on the internet to find out his fate.

Ruthie, an experienced writer, reflects on the scholarship opportunity that set her career in motion.

A young woman jaded about her quiet suburban life obsessively follows a famous closeted rural food blogger, with whom she was in a secretive homosexual relationship when they were teenagers.

In Seattle, a college student babysits for the family of a man who will later became a tech billionaire. He offers her a job at his start-up, and she declines, a decision she reflects on years later.

Andrew, a dad and teacher at a high school, gets an email one day from an old college friend, Michael, who has become incredibly famous and rich after graduating. Ahead of getting a drink with Michael, Andrew reminisces about how they met.