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A rambunctious but well-meaning Armenian family imagines what must have become of an absent family member, who is away at work. Via letter, their family member reveals the most earth-shattering news.

Every year, in a small town overlooking the Chesapeake Bay, fourteen children are invited to the Skullpocket Fair, a carnival run by ghouls. But only the strongest will survive and be indoctrinated into the ghouls’ theocratic cult.

When an astronaut awakens from hibernation long before he has reached his destination, he tries to get answers from the spaceship’s onboard computer.

In the late 20th century, an aging couple's daughter returns to live with her parents in an attempt to flee her failing marriage. While the mother easily slips back into her maternal role, the arthritic father struggles to empathize with his youngest child, and, in his increasing frustration, commits an unforgivable act that isolates him from his family.