Short stories tagged with Forgery.

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After being unfairly blamed for medical malpractice, a Chinese student finds success making illegal fake versions of beef.

All Henry wants is to serve as junior lawyer to his infamous father. But when their latest client happens to be the family of a beautiful girl, Henry finds himself risking his aspirations for her love.

An art-gallery owner reluctantly accompanies his amoral detective friend as they investigate a murder in Mercury’s art community, ultimately uncovering a scheme of deception and forgery in this futuristic take on Sherlock Holmes.

After foreign assassins attack the emperor, it is up to a teenage girl to save his life by magically forging his soul in 100 days—or lose her own.

A Hemingway scholar is convinced by a conman to forge a Hemingway story in order to get millions of dollars in a plot that may disrupt the omniverse, even as the famed author steps in to intervene.