Short stories in the genre Travel And Adventure Narrative

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During his travels in the Pacific, a young man hears tales of a great adventurer. When he returns home and relays the news to his father, he discovers a long-kept secret.

Four men on an Antarctic expedition at the tail end of World War I survive a near death experience when their sleds nearly falls into a crevasse. The events that follow are chilling and unexplainable, leading all but one of them to block out the memory of it for good.

After a man from New York meets a young woman from a Mexican family on a bus to L.A., the two travel across mid-20th century Southern California searching for work, food, and shelter while falling in love. As the travelers struggle to survive on their few remaining dollars, the man wonders how long this adventure can last.

A hungry vagabond in rural Georgia during the 1930s finds himself going to desperate lengths to find a safe place to rest and a meal to eat after unlucky encounters with the law and locals in the towns he travels to.