Short stories in the genre Southern Storytelling And Folktale

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A young boy wades down a creek killing water moccasins, despite his mother telling him not to since another boy in town was recently bitten by one. On his way home, an encounter with the snakes gains the attention of the adults nearby but leaves the boy confused.

Willie Proudfit sits on his front porch one night and reminisces on his time living a wild and rowdy life out West on the plains, side by side with Native people. After a near-death experience, he comes to recognize the importance of settling down in a place you can call home, with the people you love.

A train conductor serves his community faithfully for fifty years and wins the hearts of the people along his track.

After the death of their father, two twins attempt to find answers to the unexpected death. A young lawyer ends up revealing the truth after the murder of the town judge allows him to connect the two deaths and pinpoint the murderer.

A traveling salesman picks up two hitchhikers and ends up regretting the decision after his night turns to chaos when one man violently injures the other.

A hungry vagabond in rural Georgia during the 1930s finds himself going to desperate lengths to find a safe place to rest and a meal to eat after unlucky encounters with the law and locals in the towns he travels to.

After a night out, a man returns home to a suicide note from his wife and gathers a group of men to drag the river in search of her body. They end the day empty-handed, but when the man returns home, he is pleasantly surprised.

A man at a family gathering reminisces on his early adulthood and his time spent with a larger-than-life cousin.