Short stories in the genre Romantic Comedy

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When the girl he loves leaves him after a misunderstanding, a boy is picked on by one of his neighbors and fantasizes about winning his love back by beating his foe.

A man and his wife find their rom-com movie screening interrupted by the couple in front of them, one of whom narrates the entire movie to the other.

In the distant future, a tech genius must learn new forms of intimacy when his wife is paralyzed from the neck down.

A young woman struggles to fill her days with love as the clock on her wrist says she won't find her soulmate for another 62 years.

After a groom leaves town the night before his wedding, the bride-to-be embarks on a road trip, only to find him with one of her absentee fiancé's female friends.

Nick and his wife live in a cozy New York City apartment until one morning when she goes out to get bagels and never returns. In search of stability, he winds up at the house of an old friend who he quickly realizes feels more at home with than with his wife.