Short stories in the genre Queer Love Story

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A young woman grows up without magic in a magical family and society, with strict rules and roles that are often tied to gender. When she sets off on a journey and her adult life begins, she finds her worldview tested—especially when members of her family come out as transgender and begin to transition.

An American army photographer stationed in South Korea after the Korean War armistice agreement is assigned to a special reconnaissance unit investigating fuel pipeline robberies. However, recurring dream haunts him as he seeks to discover a secret known only by his fellow soldiers.

A young girl feels under-appreciated and left out during a family trip to Italy when her older sister and their college-age babysitter engage in a romantic affair.

Recent graduate Scotty wants to write manga and goes to Japan to teach for a summer. He falls in love with one of his students, Masashige, but becomes jealous when Masashige draws a manga.

In the near future, America has been seized by a totalitarian regime. While hiding out from fascist gangs, a young, queer, Jewish woman in Kansas City writes notes in an encyclopedia of imaginary places, hoping the book will live on to tell her story.