Short stories in the genre Psychological Horror

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An unhappy housewife lives the same morning over and over again until finally giving in to the darkness inside.

After a school shooting, a teacher and her students struggle to process the trauma and constant fear of death lurking around the corner at any moment. The presence of death looming carries over into the teacher's personal life, including her book club and the friends who attend it.

Years after a man’s detested godchild has died, the godchild’s father invites the man to stay with him and his wife in the countryside, where he witnesses strange things happening in the gardens where the godchild’s statue lies.

A class of high schoolers attempt to perform a psychological experiment on their teacher who has just lost his wife and daughter in a terrible accident. However, the leader of the experiment seems to be performing a study all his own.

After his twin brother's disappearance, Doug has become haunted by childhood memories and fruitlessly determined to understand where Danny went.

A group of cult horror film-loving friends research the mystery of a famous director's incomplete film. Hoping to uncover more of the plot, they instead learn of its brutal filmmaking process that irreversibly damaged an actress for life.

A bunch of small-town kids run into a scarecrow—or what they think, at first, is a scarecrow.

A writer enters his hotel room only to find a woman, with her dog, mistakenly sitting in it. For the rest of their stay at the hotel, they continue to encounter one another in strange yet familiar ways.