Short stories honored by Hugo Retro Award for Best Novella

Listing 6 stories.

A Jesuit biologist and his team work to uncover the mysteries of a planet in the hope that it can be inhabitable for humans. But as he interacts with the native inhabitants, he realizes he has a decision to make: protect the planet or let those on Earth use it for their own selfish needs.

A doctor plans an insurrection against the aliens that kidnapped his crew. After being taken prisoner on an alien planet, a doctor and his remaining crew devise an intricate means to escape.

In a futuristic world, the sun's rays are causing a species of aliens called Rodite to turn mad and control the planet. Along with his ragtag team, an alien man must defeat the Rodite before all life on their planet is destroyed.

When a philology professor learns a magic word that can transform him into a wolf, he uses this power to try to impress his former student, now a famous actress. However, the actress is not what she seems.

A pilot that crashes in the middle of the Sahara Desert comes across a young boy who tells him he is a prince from a distant planet who has explored the cosmos, discovering that what is essential to life is invisible to the eye.

A man accidentally gets transported to the world of Norse Mythology, and he must do everything to survive to get back to his world.