Short stories tagged with Drugs/alcohol.

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A movie star lost in grief over the death of his long-term girlfriend injects himself with her digitally-preserved personality so he can hallucinate her presence, but the visions begin to go horribly wrong.

In the early 1970s, a listless radical must decide what to do with his life as his social circle of grassroots activists dwindles.

In a universe where the poor remain on earth and the rich live in space, a poverty-stricken Black teenager with a life-threatening illness dreams of visiting the upper world and is offered a chance to do so through a high school science contest.

After his drug dealing guardian brings a mysterious guest from California back to their small-town Ohio home, a teenage boy grows wary of the drinking and drug-laced life he’s lived so far. When he discovers his uncle’s true intentions and his guest’s fantastical identity, the boy and the guest hatch a plan to escape.