Short stories in the genre Dark Fairy Tale

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An eerie description of characteristic fairy tale elements and how they are embodied in characters.

A young kitchen maid working in a castle in the mountains believes a woman seeking refuge one late night is a disguised princess. But as she helps the supposed princess head to the ball to meet her prince, the young maid will need to reckon with the possibility that this is not quite the fairytale she believes it to be.

Three girls in three different worlds, ranging from New York City to a fantasy kingdom, all grow diamonds in their bodies when they are sad, and each is exploited for this in a different way. As they grow older, this ability determines the shape and outcome of their lives.

In a dark rendition of Red Riding Hood, a woman bored by village life longs for the dark mystery of the woods and the wolves therein.

Year after year, villagers visit a well in the night to pay the gentleman who lives there a penny and wish for food, revenge, or familial bliss. And while the gentleman in the well may grant each villager their wish, he also tends to take more than just a penny from each who pay him a visit.