Short stories by Oliver La Farge

Oliver Hazard Perry La Farge II (December 19, 1901 – August 2, 1963) was an American writer and anthropologist. During 1925 he explored early Olmecsites in Mexico, and later studied additional sites in Central America and the American Southwest. In addition to more than 15 scholarly works, mostly about Native Americans, he wrote several novels, including the Pulitzer Prize-winning, Laughing Boy(1929). La Farge also wrote and published short stories, in such leading magazines as The New Yorker and Esquire_.

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When an aging, white, American man flies to Mexico on a mission to search for gold in the 1950s, his plane crashes, leaving him stranded and injured in the wilderness with few resources and only so much time left to survive.

An old archaeologist studying the southwestern United States has a way of making spectacular finds. When he is about to be ousted from his university position by the younger generation, he decides to take his fate into his own hands and leave the physical world behind.